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Administrators need to do more with less

SchoolBrief sets the standard for making it easy to share, organize, find, and understand important information.

It ties together in a comprehensive, highly intuitive way all members of a school system's key groups: administrators, teachers, parents, students, and sports/extra curricular activity leaders.

Having to do (much) more, for less, is just a fact of life in today's schools; SchoolBrief was developed to meet this challenge—now, and into the future.

All encompassing management system allows you to do more things for less money:

  • Exigent (and routine) communication made extremely easy  through multiple communication channels simultaneously
  • One password, one login to see the entire system-all schools in a district, if desired
  • Comprehensive record keeping, statistic archiving 
  • Grading, homework, attendance, seating charts, class scheduling
  • Seamless integration with most schools' existing Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Website design/set up/customization/hosting
  • Messaging, Training, Support, Maintenance, Upgrades, Data backup, Security

Enhances parental involvement through:

  • Unique two-way mass messaging system
  • Parents choose for themselves the most efficient and convenient way(s) to be contacted with exigent and routine school information
  • Details about all of a child school and extracurricular activities are located on one personalized web page. 
  • Parents are easily connected to their child's teachers, administrators, coaches, advisors, et cetera  

Improved teacher productivity:

  • Easy to upload homework assignments, schedules, grades, attendance, and more
  • Administrators can easily monitor teacher lesson plans, homework assignments, messaging activity, class blogs, etc
  • Realistically opens more channels of communication between teacher and parents

Parents can access information online 24/7 about their child instead of having to contact teachers for forms, documents, attendance, grades, etc.

Backbone of any Exigency plan—peace of mind:

  • An unexpected situation is not the time to start thinking about an Exigency communication plan and being able to contact parents quickly
  • Having a foolproof communication plan already in place allows school personnel to be able to concentrate on other matters when minutes count

Easy to use-even for less tech-savvy staff and parents:

  • SchoolBrief is highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • User instructions, if needed, are embedded on every page
  • Onsite and online training and phone support are available

Web-based means no hardware or software to buy or maintain-now or in the future:

  • SchoolBrief is a web-portal subscription service; no extra burden is placed on in-house IT staff as SchoolBrief takes care of installation, customization, maintenance, upgrades, data backup, and security