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Exigency Communication Messaging

  1. A principal/teacher/coach quickly records into any phone, or enters into any internet-connected device, the information of unexpected situations.
  2. Whichever method is used, SchoolBrief immediately sends the same message out to parents and/or staff as:
    1. Voice (a person's actual  voice if recorded on phone)
    2. Text-to-voice if message is keyed into a computer or PDA
    3. Email, and/or
    4. Text message to phones and PDAs

Everyone involved can be made aware of the information/situation in a matter of minutes.  If recipients want to reply to the message, they can easily and quickly do so.  It works like magic.

Exigency Communication:  Peace of mind for parents and administrators

SchoolBrief can send a voice, text, and/or email message to thousands of people within minutes to let them know of an unexpected situation.  Parents aren't always going to be sitting in front of a computer to receive an urgent email message.  But if they aren't, the chances are that they may be within reach of their home, cell, work phone or PDA enabling them to get the information in a timely manner.

Schools can quickly contact parents on any or all of their communication devices to increase the likelihood of reaching them sooner rather than later with the news.

If such a situation arises, you are ready and able to let parents, staff, and others know immediately in a variety of ways.   This frees staff to concentrate on mitigating the situation—not worrying about how to let people know about it.

Phone trees are a thing of the past; "On the Fly" messaging gets the word out to people now!

When the team bus is still 50 miles away and going to be an hour late getting back home, the coach can let all of the team members' parents know within a couple of minutes by making just one call from her cell phone.
When the PTA meeting or play practice time or venue has to be changed at the last minute, it's as easy as pie to let everyone know—from anywhere—one phone call or one mouse click does the trick!