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SchoolBrief at a Glance

A web-based, comprehensive school management and communication system


  • Foolproof ability with just one phone call or mouse click to launch thousands of phone, text-to-voice, email, and/or text messages within minutes in unexpected situations    
  • Quickly create and send messages "on-the-fly" from any touchtone phone or internet-connected device
  • Recipients choose for themselves the best way to receive messages
  • Multiple formats can be used in an Exigency by administrator

Versatile messaging

  • Text-to-voice
  • Recorded voice
  • Email
  • Text
  • Fax
  • Easy to conduct and record automatic surveys and polling

School Website

  • Design, customization, and hosting of school website


  • Easy to record for teachers
  • View day, week, month, or semester formats
  • Administrators and parents see real-time info
  • Real-time absent/tardy auto-alerts to parents


  • Easy to post assignments
  • Administrators and parents see real-time homework/assignment info
  • Parents can access real-time grades for their kids
  • Real-time failing grade auto-alerts to parents


  • Month and year formats
  • Separate calendars for classes, teams, clubs, menus, and school
  • Interactive—homework assignments and other info can be automatically linked to calendar

Personal web pages

  • Parents can also access their own personalized web page to find specific info in one place on all school and extracurricular activities of all of their children—even if their kids go to different schools in the district
  • Teachers and club advisors can post assignments, contact info, class/group activity calendars, blogs, important documents/forms, informational web links
  • Coaches can post team schedules, maps to away games, documents/forms
  • All pages allow for sending and receiving secure spam-free messages

Staff and student directories

  • Contact info for school personnel and parents of students  

Integration with existing school IT products

  • SchoolBrief can be used as a comprehensive stand alone management and communication system, or
  • Seamlessly integrated with other existing school IT programs

Web-based subscription service

  • No hardware, software, or phone lines to buy, install, or maintain
  • SchoolBrief takes care of all upgrades, data backup, and security

Easy to use—even for less tech-savvy staff and parents:

  • SchoolBrief is highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • User instructions, if needed, are embedded on every page
  • Onsite and online training and phone support are available

Cost Effective

  • Unique, comprehensive management and communication system for dramatically less cost than schools now pay for separate IT system components
  • Free Trial