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Administrators' Challenge

Doing More Things Better with Less Money

Educators in every school district in America are daily being challenged to better manage administrative tasks, increase productivity and accountability of staff, enhance parental involvement, make Exigency communication easy and effective, and…trim costs.

SchoolBrief is the only school product on the market that combines Website design and hosting; management functions; and Exigency communication capabilities.  SchoolBrief delivers:

  • Comprehensive school management functions including:
    • website design and hosting
    • grading with real-time failing grade auto-alerts to parents
    • attendance with real-time absent/tardy auto-alerts to parents
    • class/homework assignments viewable in real-time
    • calendars with dynamic content features
    • personalized web pages for teachers, parents, sports teams, school clubs
    • easy automated surveys/polling
    • and  more
  • Foolproof ability with just one phone call or mouse click to launch and deliver thousands of voice, text-to-voice, email, and/or text messages within minutes in unexpected situations 
  • Parents have one personalized place to go to view all of their children's school and extracurricular activities—even if the  kids go to different schools within a district
  • No hardware, software, or phone lines to buy, install, or maintain--it's a web-based subscription.  SchoolBrief takes care of all website hosting, upgrades, data backup, and security
  • Ease of use by "non-techie" staff and parents 
  • Increased staff accountability and productivity—and parental involvement
  • A stand-alone system or seamless integration with a school's existing IT products/services
  • Comprehensive quality for dramatically less cost
  • And much, much more