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A busy parent's savior

"It would be great if there was one place where everything I needed to know about my kids' school and extra-curricular activities was filed-without me having to do the filing!"

Parents lead busy lives

The pace of life seems to increase every day for busy parents. Staying on top of all the school and extra-curricular activities of their children-and trying to keep track of all the paper that comes home in backpacks-is a daunting task.

Parents can find all information for their child(ren) on one personalized web page!

SchoolBrief technology allows parents to easily navigate their own personalized web page-detailing all of their kids' school and extra curricular activities in one place—even if their kids go to different schools in the district:

  • Current classes and class calendars
  • Homework assignments for each class
  • Real-time attendance info and auto alerts if absent or tardy
  • Real-time grade info including auto alerts if doing poorly during semester
  • Extracurricular activity info (sports teams, Girl Scouts, school clubs, etc.)
  • Relevant forms, documents, event, and other info sent home in backpacks
  • Messages from teachers, coaches, club advisors, and administrators
  • Reminder messages (parent/teacher conferences, PTA meetings, field trip info, etc.) 
  • Class or group blogs
  • Student directories
  • School calendars and lunch menus
  • School news and event info
  • Teachers', coaches', activity leaders' bios, contact information, schedules, and more

Parents won't lose or misplace critical information again

They'll always know where to easily find it—already filed for them.  A complete digital record of all of their kids' information is literally at their fingertips whenever they want to get it. The tyranny of the piece of crumpled paper in a child's  backpack is over!   

Peace of mind in the event of unexpected situations

When necessary, the school can override the parents' personal contact preferences by sending to more (or all) of their contact devices.  This allows the information to reach parents sooner rather than later.

Increased parental involvement starts with increased communication

It's time to give busy parents a break with an easy, cost-effective way to know more about their child's activities—in real-time.   And, the easier it is for parents to know, the more involved they tend to be.

In the end, it's the kids who benefit.