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SchoolBrief Pricing

The pricing for SchoolBrief is based primarily on a $6 per member, per year formula, plus an initial one-time set-up fee of $900 per school. Initial member account numbers are determined by adding the number of enrolled students at the beginning of the 2007-08 school year along with the number of faculty/administrators.

Included in this fee for the 2008-09 school year is:

  • School Website design and hosting on SchoolBrief servers
  • All of the functionality of the school management modules including:
    • Grading, with real-time failing-grade auto-alerts to parents
    • Attendance, with real-time absent/tardy auto-alerts to parents
    • Class/homework assignments, grades, and attendance info viewable in real-time by administrators, teachers, and parents
    • >
    • School and class/group calendars with dynamic content features
    • Personalized Web pages for teachers, parents, sports teams, and school clubs
    • Reporting functions
    • System upgrades, data backup, and security
  • Unlimited messaging: send as many voice, text-to-voice, email, and text messages as you like without an additional charge to you
  • Foolproof ability with just one phone call or mouse click to launch and deliver thousands of voice, text-to-voice, email, and/or text messages to parents and others within minutes in Exigency situations
  • Messaging options which give administrators, teachers, coaches, and, extracurricular activity leaders the ability to easily:
    • Send automatic survey/polling voice, email, and/or text messages to parents, staff, or others—and get real-time tabulationso       Send messages immediately or at some scheduled time in the future
    • Send real-time automatic message alerts to parents about failing grades or absent/tardy occurrences for their children
    • Send reminders about parent/teacher conferences or other meetings/events to spur attendance
    • Send school bond information and get-out-the-vote messages
    • Send messages to multiple communication device formats about weather-related school closings or last minute meeting/event/game/practice changes
    • Send voice and email messages "on the fly" from any touchtone or cell phone to thousands of recipients within minutes.  (For example, the team bus breaks down at an away game, but the coach can easily tell all parents about it from his/her cell phone with one call. The phone-tree era is over!)
    • Save "preformatted" messages for use at another timeo       View real-time message delivery status reports
  • Per school, eight (8) hours of SchoolBrief engineer time to perform any of the following services:
    • Set-up and installation on SchoolBrief servers
    • Upload existing school and student information database(s)
    • Customize (in terms of your school colors, logos, etc.) your school's website based on the generic SchoolBrief template
    • Integrate existing school IT systems, programs, and/or products with SchoolBrief
  • Per school, eight (8) hours of online training for administrators/staff en mass and/or a "train the trainer" situation

Onsite tech support or training can be arranged, if desired, for a negotiated fee. 

  • Online SchoolBrief User Manual to be used as a reference guide in using the Service.  SchoolBrief is a very intuitive system, however, user instructions are found on every page of the SchoolBrief System.  So if your staff or parents ever get stuck on something, the answer is right in front of them if they click on a "Learn More" button.