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A powerful tool for:
teachers, coaches, and club advisors

SchoolBrief enhances the teacher, coach, or group leader's capabilities immensely.  SchoolBrief saves time, allows for more meaningful two-way communication with parents, and is highly intuitive to use-even for "non-techies."

Personal home page containing all pertinent class or group information

Teachers log in just once to view and maintain all of their class information. SchoolBrief frees up teacher/advisor/coach time by letting parents view all relevant information relating to their child online.  It's a breeze to enter or cut/paste current information. 

Easily post key information about a class, team, or group

SchoolBrief allows the teacher, coach, or group activity leader to easily display:

  • Homework assignments and due dates
  • Real-time grades—automatic alerts sent to parents of failing grades
  • Real-time attendance—automatic alerts to parents of excessive absences or tardies
  • Class projects
  • Class/group activity calendars with dynamic, linked content
  • Informational documents
  • Forms, permission slips, etc
  • Team schedules
  • Maps/directions to away games
  • Contact information
  • Any printed information sent home in a backpack can be always available on the web
  • Much more

Grading and taking attendance is a snap

SchoolBrief integrates powerful grading and attendance modules that free up time for the many other duties expected of a classroom or team leader. 

Real-time automatic alerts can be sent to parents regarding failing grades or absences/tardies.

Intuitive system is easy to navigate-for everyone

The success of a communication system is dependant on the ease of its use-especially the use by folks who feel they are tech-challenged. SchoolBrief was designed with this guiding principle in mind.  SchoolBrief has:

  • Features that are simple to understand and use
  • User instructions, if needed, are found on every page in relevant places
  • Onsite and online training, as well as, user phone support

Unique message features keeps parents informed

Parents appreciate SchoolBrief's features such as auto message alerts to the communication device of their own choosing.  Knowing before the semester ends that their child is falling behind grade or attendance-wise can help mitigate potential trouble. 

Teachers strive to have 100 percent attendance at parent/teacher conferences; SchoolBrief can help schedule these events and then gently remind parents the day before.  Coaches can schedule ahead of time volunteer reminders to be sent to parents at the appropriate times during the season. 

If practice or a game is cancelled, a coach can let every parent know immediately with just one phone call or mouse click.  The possibilities are endless.

Enhanced two-way communication with parents equals increased parental involvement

Because SchoolBrief makes it enormously easier for parents to learn about the school and extracurricular activities of their children, the more opportunities for meaningful dialogue begin to exist. 

More two-way communication makes for more involvement on everyone's part.  This communication synergy greatly enhances parental involvement.